What is a filter cart system?

As a leader in the fluid conditioning industry for markets that use hydraulic and lube oils, fuels and water, Schroeder Industries provides a complete range of advanced fluid conditioning solutions, including filtration systems.

Their systems range from simple filtration carts (hose to reservoir, powered on, processed through a filter) to our SMART carts (diagnostic and SMART controlled components in addition to the standard filter cart process).

So, what is a filter cart system?

A filter cart system is a stand-alone unit that operates independent of the main hydraulic system. They are often referred to as an offline filtration or kidney loop systems. Filter Cart Systems have many application points within a plant or factory:

  • Filtering incoming hydraulic fluids prior to adding to bulk storage
  • Transfer and Filtering of fluids before adding to a hydraulic reservoir
  • Supplement current filtration already in the system
  • Roll-off cleanliness – cleaning a reservoir on a piece of equipment prior to shipment

Did you know that Schroeder filtration systems are offered in a portable version? With over 70% of all system failures stemming from hydraulic and water source contamination, it is crucial to have the finest portable oil filter machine.  These hand-held filtration systems contain the same technologies found in full-size systems but are small enough for cleaning existing systems as well as pre-filtration of new fluids on the fly.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improvement in service life for components and system filters
  • Increased oil service life
  • Increased machine availability
  • Simple operation
  • Compact design
  • Integrated dry running protection
  • Optional CS1000 | Contamination Sensor ensures continuous monitoring

Together with Schroeder, Hydraquip can provide you with fluid power’s most advanced liquid filtration products. Contact us to learn more.