Engineered Solutions

We partner with our world class vendor partners to not only provide quality products, but also custom engineered solutions. Clients rely on us for these solutions to lower installation costs, reduce inventory & part numbers, decrease manufacturing time,and speed up design & prototype processes.Our fluid-power certified sales team, production staff and engineering support provide solutions to our clients require to achieve their strategic business goals.  
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Custom Subassemblies

We have a Danfoss PVG build center for custom mobile control valves as well as assemble many different types of pump/motor groups, valve/manifold subassemblies, custom manifolds and pump groups etc.


Private Labeling

Creating a proprietary OEM part number and custom tags for products – this increases aftermarket sales for the OEM on replacement parts


Custom Paint

Can paint any product or subassembly to customer specification in our in-house paint booth.



Custom Paint

Danfoss PVG Valve Assemblies

Custom Labeling


Hydraulic Circuit Design

Custom Subassemblies (panel-mount relief valve)

Hose Kits


Virtual Circuit Testing (AutomationStudio)

Integrated Test Points

Custom Manifold Assemblies

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