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leading suppliers of industrial measurement technology

About Hydrotechnik

We are an innovative medium-sized company who is one of the leading suppliers of industrial measurement technology for diagnosis and condition monitoring of high pressure systems worldwide. In total the Hydrotechnik group employs over 140 employees worldwide. In addition to the headquarters in Germany our staff is located in sales offices in France, Italy, China and the United States.

We offer our customers premium quality “Made in Germany” products. Hydrotechnik manufactures products solely in Germany. We aspire to create long-lasting fair business relationships with our customers. We guarantee excellent service as well as solutions for your challenges according measurement technique.

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We offer a large range of measurement sensors and datalogging equipment for digital hydraulic testing & analysis.

Hydrotechnik equipment is chosen for it’s high quality, ease of use and flexibility and is the choice of industry professionals worldwide.

Vendor Capabilities

Original Minimess Pressure Test Points & Adapters
Microbore Hoses Dn2 & Dn4
Analogue Pressure Gauges
Minimess Pressure Testing Kits
Miknimess Gas Charging Valves & Charging Kits
Digital Pressure Gauges , Swithes & Displays
Hydraulic Datalogging Instruments, Kits & Software
Sensors for Test and Measurement
Pressure Transducers
Hydraulic & Hydrostatic Test Rigs
Calibration Services

Locations Served

New Mexico

leading suppliers of industrial measurement technology



Customer Service & Repair Estimates

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to call our offices during our business hours of 7:30am – 5:30pm CST Monday through Friday.

Service & Repair

Our Houston, Grand Prairie, and Lafayette locations maintain a complete factory authorized for repair and testing staffed by factory trained technicians.