Schroeder Industries Product Highlight – Mobile and Portable Filter Carts

As a leader in the fluid conditioning industry for markets that use hydraulic and lube oils, fuels and water, Schroeder Industries provides a complete range of advanced fluid conditioning solutions, including filtration systems. A filtration system, or oil conditioning unit, is a stand-alone unit that operates offline and away from the hydraulic application. It is not meant to replace any piece of equipment but to enhance the maintenance process.

Mobile Filtration Systems (MFD2-09EWR-Z03-B-14)

The mobile filtration systems elements can remove particulate contamination and/or water quickly, conveniently, and economically. It is ideal for cleaning up existing systems and prefiltering new fluids since new fluids often have contamination levels significantly higher than recommended hydraulic systems.

Features and Benefits
• Single, double and triple bowl length option allows the flexibility of additional dirt-holding capacity
• Modular base eliminates hoses between components and minimizes leakage
• Base-ported filter provides easy element service from the top cap
• D5 Dirt Alarm® indicates when filter element needs changed
• Integral suction strainer protects pump
• Hoses and connection tubes included (13′ total length)
• Option for the addition of Contamination Sensors and WLAN/LAN Communication (CSI-C-11)

Hand Held Portable Filter (HFS-15-9-NX10-E)

Considering most premature system failures stem from hydraulic and water source contamination, it is crucial to implement the finest portable oil filter machine to all phases of a hydraulic circuit. Hand-held filter units contain filtration technologies commonly found in full-size filtration cart systems but are created in a more compact, portable size. These filter elements can remove particulate contamination and/or water from the hydraulic fluid just as efficient as the full-size systems.

Features and Benefits
• Improvement in service life for components and system filters
• Increased oil service life
• Increased machine availability
• Simple operation
• Compact design
• Integrated dry running protection
• Optional CS1000 | Contamination Sensor ensures continuous monitoring

As the trusted partner of Schroeder Industries, Hydraquip Inc. proudly stocks these and other high-end products to help with your fluid conditioning solutions. Contact us today to learn more.


*Content provided by Schroeder Industries