Protect your Frac Equipment: integrated temperature, pressure & flow monitoring

Do you have important gearboxes, power ends or transmission which need protection on your equipment? Relying on pressure and temperature feedback alone can be risky as they only tell part of the lubrication circuit’s health. In the often-remote environments for frac operations, system challenges can lead to costly downtime and expensive repair.

Looking at flow in combination with temperature and pressure is essential to ensure critical components in your hydraulic system are being flushed with the appropriate volume of oil during operation. Hydrotechnik, a leading company in the field of fluid measurement technology and partner with Hydraquip, has a solution to this challenge – calibrated flow meters.

How does flow measurement work?

Hydrotechnik’s Hysense QT is a high precision turbine flow meter which measures volumetric flow rate in mobile hydraulic equipment. Two MINIMESS®-test points are specially preassembled to allow both pressure and temperature sensors to be installed without shutting the equipment down and measured in one clean line break. In comparison to traditional turbine flow meter’s, the Hysense QT can withstand higher dynamic loads due to its structural design.

  • Flexible System Integration – flow meters designed with all outputs available, 4-20mA current loops, no K-factor or CAN output. Hydrotechnik also offers pressure and temperature sensors in any scaling that can be directly installed within the flow meters body.
  • Easy to Monitor – all readings can be transmitted to main data van for easy monitoring at central point for frac fleet.
  • High Accuracy – Hydrotechnik’s DAkkS accredited test stand calibrates each flow meter assembly for use with any fluid including ISO 32, 46, 100, 220 or 460 fluids.
  • Flexible Platform – Hydrotechnik’s flow meter platforms can be provided for water glycol cooling circuits to monitor electrically driven equipment.

Hydraquip understands frac applications and has the technical resources in partnership with Hydrotechnik to help customers improve their current equipment. Contact us for assistance with your next project.