Test Stand Control System

The customer was looking for the development of a control system for five standalone wiper blade test stands. Hydraquip Electric Systems (HES) eagerly undertook the presenting challenges as a new application project by addressing the following issues:
  • Complete rewrite of software (PLC and HMI)
  • Integration of brand-new Siemens Unified Comfort Panels with different software and sequences
  • Utilization of existing field devices (solenoid, motors)
  • Management of various types of wiper motors
Despite the challenges faced, HES not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations, delivering high-quality solutions, including five full control stands with 12” HMI and five separate control panels with custom bracketing. HES provided the customer a full turnkey solution from software to design. Working diligently with the customer through a detailed scope of work, HES accomplished a full rewrite of software and hardware design. HES then confirmed its talented personnel to be available on-site to aid the customer in installation, test, and complete execution of the project. Ultimately HES provided the following –
  • 12” Siemens Unified Comfort HMI
  • Siemens S7-1200 PLC with various digital & analog I/O modules.
  • Proximity sensors, Current transducers
  • Stack lights for system status and alarms
  • Solenoid Valves and other hardware
Hydraquip Electric Systems once again successfully provided its customer with a tailored and powerful solution, that exceeded the unique requirements desired.

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