Next Generation Bulk Explosive Truck Console Panels

Elite Controls, Inc.’s President, Scott Jones, has a strong relationship with a particular customer based on many years of providing them with solutions. Our team was given the opportunity to design and configure a brand new, innovative console panel for bulk explosive trucks.

This new panel went through a complete reconfiguration, which upgraded the entire system. This is the first time the console panel has changed its style in over 17 years. This upgrade included custom electrical enclosures, CAN joystick, and potentiometers as well as built-in GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

One challenge with this project was updating the onscreen graphics. We wanted to ensure that the new style included innovated graphics to complement the display. This customer was very pleased with the outcome, and the commissioning exceeding expectations.


Key Components:

  • Danfoss DM1000 with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi touchscreen
  • CAN Keypad
  • CAN Joystick
  • 4 Potentiometers

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