Mining – Bulk Explosive Trucks

A mining equipment specialist company sought out a company with the ability to provide superior electrohydraulic control systems for Bulk Explosive trucks. Fortunately, Elite Controls was up for the task at hand.

The control system needed to have the ability to accurately control the speed of up to 6 different functions in order to mix the necessary chemicals/ingredients required to produce a high-quality explosive product. The system had to be user friendly and integrate the safety control functions within a single system.

The biggest challenge was providing a single system with variations that can be configured for the several styles of trucks. Bulk Explosive trucks include trucks that produce ammonium nitrate – fuel oil (ANFO), Heavy ANFO (ANFO & Emulsion Blend), Quads to produce Heavy ANFO as a pumpable product and finally, Pumper Trucks that pump emulsion, which is a pre-mixed blasting agent. Along with the different styles of trucks, trucks have ancillary differences such as hand rails, auxiliary hydraulics, Single or Two-Part Gassing, DOT Valves and a myriad of other options that may need to be added or removed from the controls as required. With ECI’s expertise in electronics and hydraulics, they solved the challenges.


Key Components:

  • Danfoss Plus +1 Control system that is easily scalable to run a simple ANFO Truck all the way up to a Sophisticated Quad
  • A robust user interface giving the operator complete control of mixing and a delivery process without over complicating the controls
  • Simple point-to-point wiring, making the installation easy and troubleshooting substantially simpler

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