Construction Equipment Remote System

Elite Controls has expertise in providing redundant control systems. Elite Controls was tasked to build a Remote System for construction equipment that could be controlled with both the CAN keypad and a radio remote. This CAN based system interfaced to the receiver of the HBC radio remote control.

Our engineers were able to determine and build a transmitter that was customized to the customer’s application. Elite Controls also provided a custom CAN keypad with eight push buttons, with labels specific for the application.

One challenge faced was dealing with long lead times. Elite Controls helped the customer through overcoming these lead times by having premier access to the needed products provided by our manufacturing partners. This was a successful solution as the customer is already looking to complete additional systems.

Key Components:

  • HBC radio remote
  • Danfoss Plus 1 Controller – Mounted in Custom Control Cabinet
  • Custom CAN Keypad
  • PVG valves

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