Presenting the New HySense QL 326: Hydrotechnik’s Newest Member of the Volume Flow Sensors

Hydraquip, Inc. would like to introduce an innovative new product from our valued partner, Hydrotechnik. Designed and manufactured by Hydrotechnik, the HySense QL 326 is new load valve featuring cutting-edge technology. This product is a sensor for testing the operation and performance of pump units which can also adjust pump controllers and pressure control valves.

Traditional load valves are manual and require someone to physically open and close them, making it extremely difficult to have repeatable tests or duty cycles. The state-of-the-art Hysense QL 326 is electronically and proportionally controlled, allowing for programmable duty cycles.

The load valve QL 326 is a further development from the proven load valve QL 2xx. However, the manually controlled restriction valve has been replaced by a pressure limitation valve with pre-amplifier. The extraordinary mechanical qualities of the predecessor (nominal pressure, maximum volume flow rate, error limits, a.s.o.) can be maintained completely. The load valve eases the testing of pumps distinctively, e.g. the recording of characteristic curves in relation to pressure, since an individual load can be simulated exactly and reproducibly. The components volume flow rate sensor (turbine) and load valve, and test points for pressure and temperature are combined in a single unit. The mechanical connection (inlet/outlet) is done as internal thread ISO 150 228-G 1¼“.


  • Flow range 16 (600 L/min)
  • Maximum pressure 420bar
  • CANopen
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5% of reading
  • Temperature -20 to 100 Celsius

Additionally, test data can be recorded with the built-in measuring system for analysis and documentation. In other words, the user can create more than just a simple load, but actually test equipment and see how it will function in the field or production.

With the HySense QL 326, you can review results for the following:

  • Pressure and flow over time
  • Flow over pressure

To see this sensor in action, please view Hydrotechnik’s product highlight video: 

The HySense QL 326 can provide for all your load valve needs. Hydraquip, Inc. is proud to partner with Hydrotechnik to provide a new wave of load valves. Contact us today for more information.