Pneumatic Solutions for the Medical & Life Science Industries

When you think of Hydraquip, you probably think of hydraulics. And this is accurate, for the most part. What you may not have known is that Hydraquip is also a value-added distributor for many pneumatic products that are used in the medial and life science industries as well. The medical industry is under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve quality in an unprecedented regulatory environment, and needless to say, the current COVID-19 crisis is doing all it can to make matters worse. 

Pneumatics play an important role in the medical and life science industries. Here are a few examples of products and equipment for use in this industry from our valued suppliers:

  • Humphrey: Humphrey’s Life Science Group Solutions are included on thousands of oxygen concentrators around the world, ensuring long lasting quality for a better way of life. From engineered pneumatic to liquid valve solutions, Humphrey provides products useful for oxygen, respiratory, diagnostic, kidney dialysis and medical device reprocessing solutions.
  • Koganei: Considered a pioneer in the pneumatic industry, Koganei pneumatic products feature cleanliness, low cost and functionality. For the medical and life sciences industries, they provide pneumatic system products, static electricity removing units, electric actuators, centralized lubrication equipment, and environmental/hygiene related products.
  • Elite Controls: They have expertise in electronics and automation to create complete control systems (electro-hydraulic or fully electric) designed specifically for your application. If you are in need of a customized automation solution, Elite Controls is the answer.
  • Tolomatic: With products powering in-clinic medical procedure devices, catheter coating, X-ray machines, radiation treatment and pill sorters, Tolomatic provides linear actuator solutions useful for a variety of medical equipment.

We understand caring for your patients is your #1 priority. Our hydraulic, automation and pneumatic solutions for healthcare facilities will help you maintain the efficiency of your facility while meeting stringent regulations within the medical industry. You can count on Hydraquip for assisting your medical & life science needs.