New Filtration Technology Helps to Reduce Weight & Size of Equipment

As the mobile market moves to lower the weight and size of equipment, reduction of the reservoir is an easy component to achieve these goals. Traditionally, reservoirs are sized 3-5x the pump flow in open systems and 2-3x charge pump flow in closed-loop systems. A larger tank size reduces the amount of entrained air for hydraulic fluid returning to tank and reduces the risk of cavitation in the system.

Advancements in filter technology and tank design allow manufacturers to reduce their tank size while mitigating the cavitation risks typically associated with smaller reservoirs.  Schroeder’s new AFT Filter is an innovative “Spin-In” filter (as opposed to “Spin On”) designed to remove additional air from your hydraulic system.  The filter uses an in-to-out design, radially directing flow through a diffuser to slow down the fluid and allow extra time for air bubbles to collect and rise. This provides a significant advantage over traditional out-to-in filters, which propel air straight into the tank, entraining air in the process.

This filter provides additional benefits by using a unique combination of filter media and advanced pleating technology to remove contaminants from the air. The filter media is made up of a series of layers, each with a different filtration rating, which work together to capture particles of different sizes.

The AFT filter is available in a variety of configurations, including panel filters, bag filters, and compact filters, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is also designed to be easy to install and maintain, with replaceable filter elements that can be quickly and easily swapped out when needed. The filter is compatible with Schroeder’s new TNK – the lightweight, shock resistant tank designed for tough mobile applications.

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