Multi-coupling Plates – A Solution to Hydraulic Oil Spills

When it comes to hydraulic oil spills caused by operator error, it is crucial to understand how the existing quick couplers negatively impact the loading process. Instead, multi-coupling plates may be used as the solution to eliminating these operator errors, and even offer additional benefits. The multi-coupling plates deliver a quick connect and disconnect of multiple hydraulic lines with a single motion, improving efficiency and safety while decreasing downtime.

This solution did not come without challenges though. It is difficult to manage on-time delivery with no leaks at customer sites while using manual poppet couplers due to the possibility of crossing hydraulic lines. If these coupler connections are not performed fast and resourcefully, then an incorrect connection, safety concerns and/or costly downtime can occur. It only takes one wrong connection to result in an unsafe incident, which may result in thousands of dollars in damage and days of downtime.

Switching from the standard set of push-to-connect manual poppet couplers to multi-coupling plates eliminates challenges to loading and offloading processes. The change and modularity of the multi-coupling plates allow isolation from the two circuits, which completely omits the possibility of connecting to the wrong circuit.

Hydraquip is proud to provide high quality, reliable multi-coupling plates supplied by Stucchi. Their GR series is a strong solution for providing quick pump connections and a 100% elimination of operator error causing a wrong connection that cause oil spills on delivery sites. 

Additional benefits of the GR Series multi-coupling plate solution include:

  • More loads to rounds due to consistent delivery performance.
  • Elimination of maintenance personnel from field calls.
  • Reduced downtime of trucks.
  • Elimination of lost revenue and fines caused by oil spills.

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