Innovation in the Hydraulic Hose Industry

The hydraulic hose industry has seen a wealth of development, sprouting from the ever-changing market and growing applications needs. The standards for equipment development are steadily being raised, with manufacturers in this industry meeting these needs with high-quality products.

Standards for Global Hydraulics

New goals are set within the market of hydraulic equipment, consistently encouraging innovations for systems and equipment especially within the world of construction and agriculture industries.

In the past, standards for the hydraulic hose performance have both confused customers and complicated the work of hydraulic manufacturers. However, this complexity has been streamlined in recent years, making it easier to meet regional standards.

Hose Selection Simplification

Standards for hydraulic hose design now focus more on hose performance instead of construction attributes. These standards include the hose’s operating temperature, pressure ratings, and number of impulse cycles at various levels. These factors help to simplify a design engineer’s selection process and allows hose manufacturers more opportunity to incorporate various materials and processes to improve traditional performance levels.

Though hydraulic hoses may seem similarly designed, the choice of materials must be carefully paired for optimal operation. With recent developments in the innovation of the hydraulic hose industry, engineers can now develop new hose features to increase performance.

Advances in tube elastomers, wire braid reinforcement, and plating processes for hydraulic hose couplings are just a few ways in which the hydraulic hose industry is innovating and improving to create the highest-performing products possible.

Improvements to Modern Hose Design

Due to innovations in hydraulic hose materials, recent hose design can have a smaller outer diameter than past models. This makes them more compact, reducing the overall space needed and allowing more space for added hoses.

Advancement in hose materials has also led to improved flexibility and tighter bend radii which can improve fluid flow rate, save space and reduce pressure drop.

Hose flexibility has been enhanced, making hose routing a faster and more efficient process, up to a 50% improvement in installation time. This also increases the safety of installation, lessening the risk of injury for workers.

The overall weight of modern hoses has been decreased which makes transportation and installation much easier while reducing the overall weight of the hydraulic equipment. This weight reduction can also lead to improved cooling of machinery.

Modern hoses can deliver 600,000 impulse cycles which is triple the industry standard. This enhances the performance and can limit downtime.

Innovations For Increased Efficiency

With these recent developments in the hydraulic industry, the modern hydraulic hose can improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of hydraulic machines. If the hose and coupling are optimally paired to work together, further efficiencies can be realized.

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