Hydraquip Uses Crimp Machine Technology to Optimize Shop Processes

In offering unique hose kits for OEMs, Hydraquip keeps its shop constantly busy building a large variety of hydraulic hoses. Each hose kit contains all the necessary hoses for a mobile piece of equipment so the OEM saves labor time in their shop by simply opening the box and installing the hoses on their equipment. Because these hose kits contain all hose for the unit, there is often a wide variety in size, length and material used.

Proper crimp on a hydraulic hose is essential to the safety of equipment operators. Hose is the lifeblood of the equipment and in many high-pressure applications, a hose burst due to a faulty crimp can cause serious harm. Proper crimp specs are essential and reviewing these specifications manually in the past has been a time-consuming process. Thankfully, the new crimp technology from Danfoss makes these specs easy to access which in turn improves the safety of equipment and efficiency of the Hydraquip warehouse.

The FT1380e Crimp Machine from Danfoss brings digital technology to the crimping process and makes the crimping process quicker with easy-to-use touchscreen technology. The FT1380 industrial grade touchscreen is tough enough to withstand shop environments and at the same time allows hose technicians to easily look up the hose, determine the proper crimp spec and easily crimp the hose with a push of a button. The FT1380e also has bult in manual checks to stop technicians as to measure the crimp and verify their work.

Hydraquip is proud to partner with Danfoss Power Solutions in providing fluid conveyance solutions. We seek to create value for our customers by providing custom hose kits, custom tagging, assistance with hose routing, and troubleshooting. Every Hydraquip assembly is “ISO clean,” shipping with caps and plugs in place. We work to ensure quality, accuracy, and on-time delivery. And we look forward to helping you with your next project!