Hydraquip Partnership with Danfoss Editron: Electrification of Off-highway Systems

Hydraquip is proud to partner with Danfoss Editron, a provider of advanced electrical drive systems for off-highway equipment. Danfoss Editron offers a range of products designed to electrify off-highway equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, and other types of heavy machinery.

One of Danfoss Editron’s key products is its electric drive system, which provides highly efficient and reliable propulsion for off-highway equipment. This system integrates high-performance electric motors, power electronics, and control software to deliver maximum performance and efficiency in a compact and lightweight package.

Another important product offered by Danfoss Editron is its hybrid drive system, which combines an electric drive with a conventional internal combustion engine. This system provides the benefits of both electric and conventional propulsion, allowing equipment to operate in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

Danfoss Editron also offers a range of power electronics, such as inverters and converters, that are specifically designed for use on off-highway equipment. These products help to optimize the performance of the electric drive system and ensure that the equipment operates in a safe and reliable manner.

Hydraquip Electric Systems (HES) brings value to the relationship by providing a range of services and support to help customers design an electric system for their equipment. HES has in-house engineering support, training, commissioning and field support to support the full lifecycle of the system. Contact our electric systems team about your next project.