Hydraquip, Inc. Exhibiting at the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference

Hydraquip, Inc. is looking forward to exhibiting at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, August 16th – 19th. With a long history working with OEM’s in upstream oil and gas, Hydraquip recognizes the importance of the relationships and connections made with clients and partners at this prestigious event.

This year, the following partners will be displaying new technology at our OTC booth, with a preview of some of the products they are showcasing:

Danfoss Power Solutions

  • D1P High Power Open Circuit Pump: large displacement servo controlled high power open circuit pumps.
  • PVG 128 / 256 High Flow Valve: The PVG 128 & 256 proportional spool valves are built to take control with up to 500 l/min per section supplied with up to 1200 l/min (300 US gal/min) pump flow.
  • H1 Bent Axis Motor: H1 variable displacement motors are bent axis design, incorporating spherical pistons with a displacement range of 60-250cc and pressure ratings up to 480 bar (6960 psi).
  • EDITRON System: SRPM (Synchronous-Reluctance assisted Permanent Magnet) Electric Machines, SRPM specific Editron Motor Controllers (e.g. Inverters) and Editron System Power Conversion Components.

DMIC (Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation)

  • BVLS – Stainless Steel Ball Valve: new, low cost, 316 stainless steel WOG type ball valve designed for a variety of shutoff control requirements.
  • BVQW – Subsea Ball Valve: High quality Stainless Steel Fluid & Gas Valves available from ½” to 6+”. DMIC’s highest quality stainless steel ball valve for deep sea service up to 10,000ft deep.
  • Hot Stabs and Plugs: Subsea equipment for ROV operations and sub panel integrated systems.

Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. (SIT)

  • VRC – Valve Remote Control Technologies: Ball, butterfly, globe, gate, plug valves inclusive of required actuator technologies (hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic, electric) and valve position controls (analog / digital).
  • ICMS – Integrated Control & Monitoring Systems: Tank Level Gauging, Ballast Control, Cargo Management, Custody Transfer, Bunkering, Flow and Pressure Measurement.
  • HPUs – Diesel or Electrically Driven Power Units: Fully integrated systems built to exceed client expectations, manufacturing follows ISO 9001-2015 quality standards, integrated automation and control supported through extensive internal (structural, mechanical, electrical, controls) engineering resources.
  • Custom Bow & Stern Ramps, Davits, A-Frames, Winch solutions, Anchor Windlasses, Shipboard Cranes, Steering Gears (rotary vane and cylinder), and various tanks, including pressure vessels.

Wandfluh of America, Inc.

  • Proportional Pressure Control Valves: Pressure relief and pressure reducing valves can assist the user in multiple ways to control the force, torque and in some cases the direction of movement.
  • Flow and Throttle Controls: Proportional throttle and flow control valves are key to many systems smooth and precise operation controlling speed, direction and where needed, backpressure.
  • Explosion Proof Coils: Explosion proof certified and corrosion protection

Please visit us at OTC booth #2041. Hope to see you soon!