Hydraquip Creates Value for Clients with DMIC Partnership

At Hydraquip, we take pride in creating value for clients by finding solutions for new applications and challenging requirements. Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation (DMIC) is a valuable partner in creating value with their products including ball valves, check valves, flow controls and hydraulic power unit accessories.

How does DMIC create value?

It’s not just their products, it’s their ability to adapt to customer needs and provide custom solutions. Here are a few examples…

Engineering response time from a nimble team that’s able to help answer questions and specify a product quickly to meet project deadlines and changes during the prototype process. The team at DMIC has an excellent track record partner with Hydraquip on system design projects. Also, DMIC hosts all product models on their website making specific details to complete system drawings easy to access by the Hydraquip sales team and clients.

DMIC creates custom products by tweaking their standard product offering such as working with exotic metals for products in harsh applications, ductile iron for high pressure applications, alternative coating of anodized aluminum for corrosion resistant ball valves at a lower cost than stainless material, integration of a gauge on suction lines so clients can read vacuum pressure and much more. Their US based engineering and manufacturing allows them flexibility with many custom products.

Some applications require additional testing of products to ensure the product meets duty cycles, environmental conditions, and other requirements. DMIC tests all their products to standard API requirements, but also allows clients to request longer testing, higher pressure testing and other requests to ensure they have the best solution for their application.

Hydraquip values their partnership with DMIC and has been able to deliver solutions to many customers with DMIC products – especially those working in subsea and marine applications. Contact us for help designing and customizing your next project.