Fleet Management at Your Fingertips

Do you find it difficult to track your machines’ operations? What if you have a large fleet to manage and can’t track every application’s status? Now, more than ever, remote management is extremely important. Elevāt IoT brings fleet management operations to your fingertips…literally. You don’t even have to be in the same state as your machines because you can track them on your mobile devices. Track what? Almost anything specific to your application… load weight tracking, ambient temperature, hydraulic temperature… the list goes on.

Monitoring your machinery with Elevāt increases utilization, output and uptime, while decreasing costs associated with maintenance, service calls, warranty returns and equipment failures. They make it as easy as possible for you to manage your machines remotely.

At Hydraquip, we can provide you with necessary parts for your applications, such as controls, sensors, pumps, motors and more. Then “IoT” comes into play and makes it easy to connect to the cloud and solve real business problems.

There are many different machines out there and each has unique operations. That is no challenge for Elevāt – It implements in minutes and immediately provides real-world insights to how your equipment is being used and maintained in the field. Elevāt IoT provides you with:

  • Fleet Management – Intuitive dashboards to give a complete view of your in-field assets
  • Operational efficiency – Automate processes to save money and time
  • Intelligent maintenance – Predictive to avoid downtime and failures
  • Analytics – Run powerful reports to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Seamless deployment – Roll out and start using the system in an hour instead of the typical days, weeks or months associated with new applications
  • No coding – fully customizable and configurable platform that requires zero software programming
  • REST API – easily connect with your business systems, i.e. ERP, CRM, and Field Service Automation tools

Check out our webinar for a deeper dive into how Elevāt IoT can help drive Aftermarket Parts and Service Revenue and take a look at what your mobile dashboard could look like.

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