Ensuring Pneumatic Valves have Proper Protection from Air Contamination

Whenever designing pneumatic systems, it is critical to the lifespan and reliability of equipment to ensure filtered, clean air is used to pressure the system. One area that often gets overlooked is the environmental ingress of valves. Critical areas of the valves often left unprotected are the exhaust ports and solenoid operators. Versa Valves partners with Hydraquip to provide great options to ensure your equipment is protected.

The ideal solution for exhaust ports requires a solid seal when the ports are inactive, but lets through maximum air flow when the valve is exhausting, with protection that can be moved or changed based on pressure. Versa provides a solution with its DE dust, dirt and moisture excluder. This device can be attached to the exhaust port and open only when exhausting while maintaining the valve’s full flow rate. A less advanced option is Versa’s D14 dust and moisture excluder – a flexible seal fitting that expands when the solenoid exhausts allowing air flow. When the valve is not exhausting, this flexible seal provides a solid protection from external particles entering the system.

Solenoid operators are generally more susceptible and sensitive to damage from external environmental dirt, dust & other particles. Since many different types of solenoids exist, it is important to consider the design and the amount of ingress protection already embedded into the valve’s design. Some solenoid operators require additional protection to meet an application certifications and IP ratings.

Versa offers two options for additional solenoid protection. The first involves an epoxy resin on the coil of the solenoid for moisture protection.  The second is to add a sealed housing around the solenoid operator. Both options may depend on requirements for the application and cost considerations.

Hydraquip has the technical expertise to help customers determine the best solution for their application.  Along with our valued vendor-partners, we are here to support your hydraulic, pneumatic and automation needs. Please let us know how Hydraquip can help protect your next application!