Danfoss Power Solutions PVG Proportional Valves: Flexible & Strong

The Danfoss PVG family of proportional valves allows you to combine multiple valves of up to four different sizes into a single, fully integrated solution with the widest flow range on the market, to achieve the results and efficiencies your applications demand.

Whether you’re addressing the unique challenges of skid steer, crane or forest harvesters, Danfoss PVG valves offer the flexibility you need for your application, with modular and totally customizable valves that are optimized and easy to install.

There are multiple valve sizes available:

  • PVG 16 proportional valves. Low-flow PVG 16 covers simple to complex needs. Proven technology and components for customized valve stacks.
  • PVG 32 proportional valves. PVG 32 is designed for maximum flexibility configurable as an advanced electrically controlled proportional valve as well as a load sensing directional control valve.
  • PVG 100 proportional valves. The flow-sharing technology of the post-compensated, load-sensing PVG 100 is ideal in systems where flow demand regularly pushes supply to the limits.
  • PVG 120 proportional valves. Load sensing valve suitable for high flow and pressure. The PVG 120 is built to take control.
  • PVG 128/256 proportional valves. For the most demanding applications, only the highest flow and the highest pressure will do. The PVG 128 and PVG 256 are made for controlling the toughest applications.

The industries that most commonly use Danfoss PVG valves are:

  • Offshore oil and gas applications
  • Onshore oil and gas applications
  • Construction
  • Road building
  • Heavy machinery
  • Crane and material handling
  • Forestry

Designed on a fully modular platform with complete customizability, up to 4 different Danfoss valve sizes can be combined together. Your customized solution can also be used with Danfoss electrohydraulic actuators to create an integrated system that gives you increased controllability, is easy to install and keeps your machines running well. Delivery time is short due to worldwide manufacturing and you have access to the excellent support, service and repair at Hydraquip. Contact Hydraquip today for your proportional valve needs!