Can a Box Really Save Your Life?

As you are being pushed through the hallway of a hospital you think to yourself, what happened, why am I here? You feel nothing but throbbing pain in your arms and wish you could have done things differently. This is what happens when you are put in a dangerous situation at work. Unfortunately if happens way more often than it should. When you are involved in a dangerous job such as in the oil and gas industry there is a huge risk for an accident. However with the use of control systems these risks can be reduced dramatically or omitted all together.

Below are some benefits that a control system can provide:

  • Prevent workers from being put in dangerous situations
  • Perform tasks autonomously
  • Save time

You may be thinking to yourself, is using a control system really that crucial?  Well by using control systems you limit the possibility of an injury. And in any industry safety should be the priority. Furthermore you also limit the amount of time that it would take to complete a task. Below is the inside of how a typical control system looks like at Hydraquip. And yes a box full of wires is all that is needed to prevent you from going down a hospital hallway.



How does a box full of wires helps prevent injuries? Well this box and its wires have a continuous connection with whoever is monitoring the system. And that in itself gets rid of someone being out in a dangerous environment watching the system in person. This box may be stupid but its application is just short of genius. So if you ever feel a job is too risky and have the ability to use a control system do not hesitate since your life could be the on the line.