Behringer Hygienic Hangers & Industrial Clamps

As a valued partner of Hydraquip, Inc., Behringer is a single source for hangers, clamps and filtration products. Their custom clamps are fabricated to secure the hydraulic and process tube, pipe or hoses and meet specific requirements.

Looking specifically at their hanger and clamp solutions, options exist for mounting such as welding, bolting, rail and strut mounting, double and group mounting and more.

Here we highlight a few of the Hygienic Hanger products they have to offer:

  • CH Dynamic Mount Hanger: Dynamic “Anchor or Guide” Slope Adjusting Hanger/Rod Mount Unit is a one piece unit with attached dynamic rod. Hanger rods are available in lengths ranging from min. of 1.26″ to 96″. Standard length is 6″. Features a dynamic union between the hanger rod and hanger housing allows for the housing to self-adjust to the tubes slope for drainability as well as a 360° swivel.
  • CHR Rigid Mount Hanger: One piece unit with rod welded to the hanger housing. Hanger rods are available in lengths up to 96”. Standard rod length is 6”
  • Telescopic Base Stand: The Telescopic Adjusting Round Floor Mount Stand allows the housing’s rod elevation to be adjusted up to 2” from the base plate’s surface. The rod attached to the housing slides inside the base plate’s elevation adjustment tube.
  • CH Dynamic Height Adjuster: Dynamic height adjuster style offers both height and slope adjustment after installation

*Note – this is not an extensive list. Otherwise, this blog would end up an essay. To view the entire range of Hygienic Hangers, visit this link.

If you’d like more info regarding their Industrial Clamps, visit this link.

Behringer products are used in various markets and applications, including, but not limited to: Mobile equipment, mining equipment, offshore and marine applications, construction, biotechnology, power generation, industrial hydraulics, power units, OEM machinery, agriculture, injection molding, and so much more.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for a hanger or clamp, Behringer has got you covered. Contact us at Hydraquip today to learn more.