Auto Lube Systems Cost

When it comes to lubrication and pumping systems, Hydraquip, Inc.’s partner Lincoln Industrial provides the best solutions globally and regionally. Hydraquip is proud to distribute Lincoln Industrial products in Colorado.

If you’re looking for an automatic lubrication system, you may ask yourself, “how much will that cost?” Many factors contribute to the overall price of a system, and we are here to break those factors down for you.

Type of Machine

The type of lubrication system you need can largely be determined by what type of machine it is used for. Automatic lubrication can be used for construction, mining, agriculture, and more.

Number of Lubrication Points

Depending on how many lubrication points your machine needs covered, you will need a system that has the optimal amount of lube points targeted.

Distance to Lubrication Point

Another factor to consider for your application needs is the distance to the lubrication point. Whether you need to pump a few feet or a longer distance, there is a lubrication system right for your application.

Type of Lubricant

Each pump may require a different lubricant type. For example, if you are pumping heavy grease, substantially more pressure is needed to move it through supply lines.

Type of Automated System

Is your system pneumatic, hydraulic, or electronic? This can factor into the bottom-line cost.

ROI of an Automated Lubrication System

There are other factors to consider when installing an automated lubrication system to confirm you achieve a high return on your investment. Some of these include the amount of time you spend lubricating your systems manually, any safety issues with manual lubrication, or possible machine downtime you might experience due to system failure. Think about these when considering your automated lube system.

The chart below can help you identify the varying price ranges for your specific lubrication system. We hope this article gives you some insight to prepare you for your next automated lubrication investment.

*Content provided by Lincoln Industrial