3 Reasons Why Hydraquip, Inc. is your Go-To for Hydraulic Service & Repair Needs

Did you know that Hydraquip’s service and repair department is authorized for a variety of factory-direct products and we perform repairs with OEM parts per manufacturers’ specifications? If you’re in the fluid power industry seeking a repair, chances are good – we cover it. This includes a variety of:

Pumps, motors, actuators, valves, pump drives, gearboxes and accumulators

If you Google “hydraulic service & repair”, you’ll probably find a few options. So why choose Hydraquip above the rest?

  1. Hydraquip is an authorized Danfoss Repair & warranty center. This means:Reduced costs, but same-as-new type performance
    • Turnaround in as little as 24 hours
    • Reduced downtime
    • Extended machine life
    • 18-month warranty available
    • Support for a variety of product lines
  1. If you’re in a remote area, getting parts to a repair center can be challenging. That’s where our Container Program comes into play. We offer remote service with local pickup and delivery to make your life easier. Perks of this program include:   
    • Weight capacity of 2000 pounds
    • Forklift slots on all sides
    • Lids feature rubber, T-latch locks
    • 48x40x31 fixed-wall plastic bulk containers
    • A three year history of success

      3. Some places will have test stand capabilities…But we like to consider ours unique. Why is that?

    • ISO Count Fluid Cleanliness logging
    • Closed circuit 200 HP 6000 PSI
    • Open circuit 200 HP 6000 PSI
    • Data acquisition capabilities
    • Controls – pressure comp, load sense, HP limiting, mA and voltage inputs (various ranges)
    • Dynometer for motor testing

All of these capabilities are backed by our certified fluid power team and with a 50-year commitment to providing quality products to the fluid power industry, it makes us a pretty good fit for your service & repair needs. Regardless of what industry you’re in, we’re here to get your system back up and running quickly. Have questions? Contact us via online chat or phone from 8 AM – 5 PM CST, or by email any time of day.