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How to check & set charge pressure on a Danfoss Series 90 Pump

When building a hydraulic circuit or troubleshooting equipment, correct pressure settings are critical, and you must know the proper setting for your pump. There are two part numbers on every Danfoss Series 90 pump, a 7-8 digit part number provided by Danfoss and most importantly, a longer part number called a nomenclature. Locate the 2 digits at the end of the nomenclature specify the correct charge pressure in bar. To convert bar to PSI, simply use the equation: Bar x 14.5 = PSI (pounds per square inch). Once the proper PSI is determined, tie into the remote pressure port (commonly known as the M3 Port) or directly into the charge filter. Watch our YouTube Video on how to set charge pressure.

Step 1: Connect the pressure gage & turn the pump on to verify the current charge pressure

Step 2: If the charge pressure is not set properly, adjust the charge relief valve integral to series 90 pump

Step 3: Lock your pressure setting

Charge pressure is set!

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